How to Play

Acquisition monopoly-esque gaming.

01 Mint Your Game Piece

Your initial game piece is free to mint (your are responsible for gas fees, of course). You also have the opportunity to upgrade your free game piece with ETH. For example, you may choose to spend ETH to change the color of your game piece from one of the free colors to chrome or gold. You will use your minted game piece to play our The Infinity Boardwalk game.

02 Acquire Property

Purchase NFTs associated with one of our real life properties. Burn lower tier NFTs to build towards higher-tiered NFTs using a progressive deflationary mechanic. The higher the NFT membership tier, the greater the benefits.

03 Earn Points

Stake your property NFT to earn Equity Rewards Points – our in-game currency and your key to unlocking benefits at the property associated with the NFT you purchased. Points can also be earned through referrals and gameplay.

04 Play Games

Compete against other members in games like The Infinity Boardwalk, where you can win prizes and ultimately NFT membership to future properties.

Property NFTs

Doxxed Co will offer a separate mint for each property it acquires, with the Bel Air Mansion being the first. A Genesis supply of 50,000 House NFTs will be up for each mint. House NFTs are our entry-level membership tier NFTs.

Users acquiring property NFTs are encouraged to hold them to take advantage of two main actions: NFT staking and burning towards higher membership tiers.

Stake 2 Yield

Staking your NFT to earn Equity Rewards Points. These Points are our in-game currency through which you will navigate through our games. The amount of Equity Rewards Points earned by staking depends on the type of your staked property. There are four property types, each earning a different amount of Equity Rewards Points per day.

House NFTs

Earns TBD per day


Earns TBD per day


Earns TBD per day


Earns TBD per day

Burn 2 Build

Users have the option of burning five (5) NFTs of the same tier in order to upgrade them to one (1) NFT of the next tier of membership. The current breakdown is as follows:

Burning 5 Houses = 1 Hotel

Burning 5 Hotels = 1 Casino

Burning 5 Casinos = 1 Skyscraper


Our progressive deflationary mechanic reduces supply with each successive upgrade. The maximum supply for each property tier is as follows:

Max supply of each Property Tier









Equity Rewards Points

Equity Rewards Points are our in-game currency, and you will use points to access everything in our ecosystem. Uses include future drops, booking experiences, events, as well as playing our games, the first of which is The Infinity Boardwalk. You earn Points in a variety of ways.


Stake your property NFTs and earn passive Equity Rewards Points. Genesis minters receive additional bonuses for staking early.


Referral bonus for Genesis minters and partners. Equity Rewards Points will be earned by all players for referrals. You will be able to redeem these points for experiences.


As you collect different drops from our games (which will be released from time to time), you earn bonus Points to build and grow your collection.


You will have opportunities to win Points by playing games when they are released. You can win Points while playing the game, and also by finishing high enough on each game’s final leaderboard.

Doxxed Co Membership Benefits

Users can choose to spend their Equity Rewards Points on real life curated experiences, depending on their membership level. There are four (4) membership tiers, which are directly correlated to your NFT property.

House NFT

Access to P2E games

Golden invitation to quarterly Doxxed Co “Exclusive Gala” Mint list allotment

Private livestream access featuring education, alpha and opportunities

Day Pass to property associated with your NFT(Access allotment)

Access to luxury merchandise line

Hotel NFT

All benefits of a House NFT member

Opportunity to book game room or brunch (subject to priority members)

Doxxed Co wellness program

Round table dinner at property associated with your NFT

Unlocks ability to gain referrals commission

Casino NFT

All benefits of a Hotel NFT member

Private art showings at property associated with your NFT

Custom annual blazer (via claimable window)

Ability to actually stay at the property associated with your NFT

VIP table access at the property associated with your NFT


All benefits of a Casino NFT member

Doxxed Co members lounge (In every location)

Private jet & Supercar fleet access

Butler full service at the property associated with your NFT

Ability to privately book the property associated with your NFT

Prime VIP table access at the property associated with your NFT

Infinity Boardwalk game

An episodic game that gives you a chance to win NFTs linked to the next mansion set for minting. Play against other collectors to see how far down the Infinity Boardwalk you can travel in order to earn a spot on our leader board to win NFTs to our next property. You must mint a free game piece to play the game.


Mint a free game piece and acquire property to earn Equity Rewards Points to enter the game.


Spend Equity Rewards Points to roll the dice to advance down the boardwalk. As you advance, you earn prizes like NFTs, Equity Rewards Points bonuses, mystery prizes, and more.


Participants that place high enough on the leader board will earn NFTs associated with the next property to be minted.

Please join our discord for more information.